Pad Pot is a unique gamepad composed only of potentiometers but zero buttons. It was made to play a little skill game in which the player has to reach the end of each level in a limited time while moving both the character and the setting.

It was created during the Amaze at Home Game Jam 2021.

It has been made with cardboard,  one Arduino, one rotative potentiometer, one endless potentiometer and two slider potentiometers.

Both Slider pots are used to move the character.
The Endless pot is used to rotate big walls.
And the classic Rotative pot is used to rotate small walls.


Title : A40
Album : 
A Struggle Between Right or Wrong
Author : Zero Call
License :

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Tags2D, alt-ctrl, altctrl, alternative-controller, Altgame, gamepad, Minimalist

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