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super fun and hard but fun!


What a fun clever game!

Some of those puzzles were pretty devious. I forget if I got stuck on 5 or 6, but the one directly after was 'This one's easy'. Looking at it at first I was a bit turned off by the visuals, but that didn't really matter as soon as I got invested in the puzzles. I think spent more than an hour playing.  You really picked a nice comfy song for the background, it never grated on me at all and kept me in a good mood.  One minor complaint is that some of the sprites were a bit thick and easy to get stuck on or bump into, but I know these projects are made quickly, so its really quite minor.  You should definitely touch up the game after the contest though, it was pretty enjoyable and challenging.


Added to the list for tonight's stream on twitch. 5:30-8:30 pm eastern US time

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I couldn't watch it live since I was away but I watched the replay ! Thanks for playing ! :)

Awesome puzzle game ! I'm waiting for the level editor now ;-)

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Thank you !! :) The level editor will be available with the third DLC, you'll find it in a loot box ^^

Interesting game! I liked the puzzle mechanic, and the meta aspect is quite present in this one. What engine did you use?

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Thanks ! :) I used Construct 2 ^^

Nice little Puzzle game.

(there is a small bug when you try to exit with another color than the blue one)

Thanks ! I just fixed it ! :)

The bug is still happening :c I tried to leave the stage with green, but it wouldn't allow me. It took me a little longer to figure out how to get blue from the stage. 

An alternative is putting a star on his head and at the end of the level to signify he has to be the one that exits. 

Enjoyable game C:

Thanks for feedback ! :)

Actually, the bug was that the colors other than blue got stuck into the wall at the exit and player had to reset the level to continue. It's normal that only blue can leave the stage, but there was indeed a lack of guidance to make it clear... :(

I followed your advice and added some more feedbacks when stage begins and when player tries to leave with the wrong character ! :)